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Jul. 27th, 2009


Fic: That's What Friends Are For

Fic: That's What Friends Are For
Author: CrabbyLioness
Pairings: Jack/John
Summary: A schmoopy post-COE comfort fic starring John Hart not being OOC. Non-specific spoilers for COE.
Rating: R
Warnings: John Hart. 'nuff said.
Word count: 286
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Not making a penny.


Mar. 28th, 2009

snuffles d bear


JB on US TV!

(Crossposted from Torchwood US email list)

There are 2 specials on BBCamerica tomorrow (Sunday) night with Barrowman in them. Any Dream Will Do which is an idolesque picking of Joseph for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat the other is "The making of me:John Barrowman" which I have not seen advertised.

Oh, and Graham Norton is also hosting the Dream thing. *squinches eyes* TV set may go up in flames, I tell ya! LOL!



Jan. 11th, 2009



JB on TV

Just saw a commercial go past on US tv HGTV. Next Sunday is a show
Keys to the Castle, France
January 18, 8:00 pm


We've got the keys to the castle, again! This time, host John Barrowman takes us inside four of the most spectacular castles in France. Bonjour! We meet each owner as they take us through their unique grand home and give us a glimpse at modern-day life inside a castle.

Looks like grand fun! *sets DVR*

Oct. 2nd, 2008


Announcing Children of the TARDIS

Know a child you'd love to introduce to Doctor Who fandom? Tired of wading through long lists of inappropriate material to find something suitable? Children of the TARDIS is the place for G and PG-rated fan fiction, images, icons, and discussions you can share with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and young friends.

Feel free to post stories, pictures, and videos or start discussions from all aspects of Doctor Who fandom, including Classic Who, New Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood, as long as they are rated G or PG. Stories and art made by children are especially welcome.

Jul. 13th, 2008

Sherlock // Lestrade


Ripples of the Rift

Title: Ripples of the Rift
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Owen, and Tosh (plus a lot of OCs)
Word Count: 7,243
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The day the rift splinters the Torchwood team are pulled apart and thrown through time.
Author's Notes: This doesn't have a real time when it takes place, just when all 5 team members are still there, alive and well.

Ripples of the Rift

Yeah its kind of a long one but I think its rather lovely so check it out. And if you like it you can look at my other Torchwood stories there at my writing journal, littlenotebook. Feel free to look around or friend it!

Apr. 30th, 2008

Sherlock // Lestrade


Like It's 1999

Title: Like It's 1999
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack centric, Jack/Alex
Word Count: 5,550
Summary: They are all dead around Jack and he doesn't want to believe it, doesn't want to see everyone he cared about dead again. He has so many good memories of the team from 1999.
Author's Notes: I was inspired by the part of Jack's memory in "Fragments." I thought the 1999 team deserved some time and here it is!

Like It's 1999

Apr. 10th, 2008


Is There a Double Standard in Torchwood Fandom?

 It seems to me that certain members of fandom are holding Gwen/Rhys to a different standard than Jack/Ianto.

Mar. 27th, 2008



Inner Terrors (4/?)

Inner Terrors
By Pikkuinen and Stephanie
Beta(s): Steph, Zekkass, Ness and Sain they all contributed to the story ^^ Thank you!
Paring: Jack/Ianto Plus the rest of the team
Rating: For now R
Warning: Spoilers for Adam... And a VERY Dark Ianto
Authors note: Part 2 wasn't really checked so mistakes are mine and mine alone ^^ My first Torchwood fic.. and thanks to my beta's it's not all ADD ^^
Summary: What if Adam’s false memories effected Ianto even after they were erased? What if he really did enjoy it and still is?

Chapters 1-4

Mar. 14th, 2008


Fic: Doctor's Opinion

Title: Doctor's Opinion
Author: CrabbyLioness
Characters: Owen, Jack/ Ianto
Summary: Owen hassles Ianto about Jack's persistant flirting.
Disclaimer: RTD said I could play with them as long as I didn't charge money.
Rating: PG for lightly mentioned sexual themes
Word Count: 400-ish
Spoilers through: Oh, let's say somewhere around Adam.

"Christ, will you look at that?" Owen muttered. "His tongue's practically hanging out."

Feb. 24th, 2008



(no subject)

Episode Discussion
Episode 2x05 - Adam

- Post links to reviews on the episode or comment here.Whatever you prefer.

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